Dr. Kaper performs first live demonstration of NAVIO Robotic-assisted total knee replacement in North America

Live NAVIO Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement

On August 28, Dr. Kaper performed the first live robotic-assisted NAVIO Total Knee Replacement surgery in North America.

Dr. Kaper and Dr. Jimmy Chow used this live webinar forum to demonstrate the latest knee replacement technology available to orthopaedic surgeons through Smith & Nephew (http://www.smith-nephew.com/key-products/robotics/navio/).  The goal of the NAVIO robotic assisted technique is to use an “augmented reality” platform to improve the surgical accuracy and precision of both total and partial knee replacement.

With better surgical technique, the goal is to improve the outcomes and extend the longevity of knee replacement implants.

To watch this live surgery, click on the link:



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