Our Approach

arthritis stem cell

Choosing an Orthopaedic Surgeon

Choosing a surgeon to perform your joint replacement surgery can be daunting.  You want the best, but how do you know to choose the best?

Surgical Tourism

As the cost of healthcare has continued to rise, we recognize that practicing medicine in a cost conscious manner can dramatically benefit our patients.

The Patient - Physician Relationship

In the relationship between a patient and surgeon, there is an often unspoken "contract" that implies a level of trust and confidence.

Our Practices


Bloodless Surgery

For many years, the medical community worked under the assumption that blood transfusions were beneficial to patients.

Multi-Modality Pain Management

The principles of multimodal therapy is to use interventions that target several different steps of the pain generating pathways.

Zipline Medical

The Zip device is a non-invasive skin closure designed to improve your recovery experience.

Evidence Based

Today, scientific research allows physicians to follow established plans that have developed based on scientific research and clinical evidency.