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The process of "medical decision making" has undergone significant evolution over the past several decades. The traditional medical practice typically consisted of treatment recommendations given by a physician or surgeon - often based on anecdotal or personal training and background.

Today, scientific research allows physicians to follow established treatment algorithms or plans that have developed based on scientific research and clinical evidency.

By using these “Clinical Practice Guidelines” or CPG's, Dr. Kaper is able to provide evidence based treatment recommendations for most specific orthopaedic diagnoses. These recommendations will often include a comprehensive, non-operative or conservative treatment options - such as oral or topical medications, physical therapy, injections, bracing, home exercises and weight loss. If conservative treatment options have appropriately been exhausted, then surgical treatments are explored. Dr. Kaper will communicate with you in an open discussion with regard your best treatment choices - but the ultimate decision if surgery is recommended, is ultimately up to you, the patient.

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