Why Stitch it, When you Can Zip It!

ZipLine Medical delivers innovative technology that improves the practice of medicine and enhances the patient recovery experience.

What is the Zip Surgical Skin Closure?

The Zip device is a non-invasive skin closure designed to improve your recovery experience. Zip® Surgical Skin Closure is the world’s first adjustable, reversible and non-invasive skin closure device for surgery and lacerations. The patented force distribution and dynamic compression features provide wound protection even during joint flexion.

I was pleasantly surprised when they took off the zip closure, I didn’t feel a thing.

Without ZipLine
With ZipLine
SS TKA POD year and a half2

The Benefits of Zip® Surgical Skin Closure

Hip and knee replacement surgery is hard enough, why not make your recovery a little easier with the Zip Surgical Skin Closure. The Zip device is non-invasive, adjustable and reverisble.

No painful stitches

The Zip allows the clinician to optimize tension and alignment in closing the wound without the need for stitches or staples!

Better range of motion

The Zip is non-invasive and flexible, and therefore does not create the pulling and pinching that can come from stitches and staples. In a clinical study of patients undergoing total knee replacement, patients reported greater range of motion with the Zip.1

Less scarring than staples

The resulting scar can be much less noticeable than stitches or staples, as the Zip eliminates the possibility of “track marks” along your scar.2


Clinical studies have demonstrated that skin closure with the Zip is 3x faster than sutures.3

No punctures that may allow bacteria into the wound

Unlike staples or sutures, there are no skin punctures with the Zip that can create added pathways for bacteria. Because the Zip functions as a “cage” over the wound, it protects the wound from disturbance.

Easy removal, no appointment needed

Removal is as easy as peeling off a bandage; in fact, your doctor may recommend that you remove the Zip at home rather than scheduling a special clinic visit just for removal

Ask Dr. Kaper if the Zip is right for you.



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