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More and more patients are seeking to have their recovery from knee or hip replacement surgery at home.

With modern surgical techniques, combined with the latest in pain management protocols, many patients are now able to go home the day of their surgery.  In other words, a hospital stay is no longer considered a normal part of the post-operative treatment course.

This does, of course, require a coordinated plan to that your care at home is arranged ahead of time, with the support of family and often home health services.

The benefits of this paradigm shift from the traditional in-patient hospital procedure to the out-patient model are multiple.  It allows the patient to recover in the comfort and safety of their own home.  It can improve the patient experience.  And this model aligns with a more cost-effective delivery of surgical care.

This is now a regular part of the care that Dr. Kaper and his office arranges for patients.

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