Hyaluronic Acid Treatments

Knee arthritis treatment has evolved dramatically over the past several decades. Among the available non-operative or conservative care treatment options is what is known as "visco-supplementation". This treatment consists of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel injections given into an arthritic knee to help lubricate the joint itself. In a sense, these lubricating gels are like WD30 for our knees.

Commercially available preparations include:

Please note that within the past year, the efficacy of these HA injections has been called into question. As a consequence, not all insurance companies will cover the cost of this medication or injection-related expenses. While you may be told by your health care insurance carrier that these injections are covered, our office is routinely finding that claims for HA injections are rejected.

As part of our treatment plan for patients with arthritis of the knee, we are still able to offer HA injections. However, the cost of these HA injections now requires that patients to pay up front - we, unfortunately, are no longer billing insurance for the cost. If you have specific questions about the cost of HA injections, please contact our office directly.

HA injections, when combined with a physical therapy-directed course of knee rehabilitation, can provide patients with an opportunity to experience less pain and better function despite their knee arthritis. Prior to any decision with regard a possible knee replacement, conservation care options that include arthritis medications, HA injections and physical therapy should be considered.

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